Hydraulic Fundamentals

Hydraulic Video Series
Fundamentals of Hydraulics and Troubleshooting

This video provides an excellent visual introduction to hydraulic systems and many of the problems they can develop. Developed and produced in partnership with major hydraulic equipment manufacturers, Fundamentals of Hydraulics & Troubleshooting explains the fundamentals of hydraulic systems and demonstrates industry-accepted practices for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Topics covered include:

Safety procedures for working on hydraulic equipment

Reservoir design and construction

Hydraulic fluids


Directional control valves

Relief valves


Cavitation and aeration

Common causes of slow cycle times

Diagnostic testing

Color animations are used to explain:

How hydraulic pumps create flow and resistance to flow creates pressure

Operating principles of external gear, internal gear, vane, axial piston and radial piston pumps

Function of open center, closed center and cylinder circuits

Importance of proper reservoir design

How suction strainers cause cavitation at the pump inlet

Operation of direct-acting and pilot-operated relief valves

The following diagnostic tests are explained and demonstrated:

Direct pump test (pump flow test)

System "T" test (system load test)

Spool valve leakage test

Cylinder piston seal leakage test

Testimonials for Fundamentals of Hydraulics & Troubleshooting

 "...is very in-depth and an ideal training aid that covers the broad scope of hydraulics..." 

 Ernie Ramos, Equipment Training Council

 "... provides an excellent introduction to basic hydraulics and safety. It is worthwhile viewing for those who maintain and repair mobile machinery..." 

 Greg P. Gordon, P.E. Fluid Power Instructor, Ohio State University

 "... is dynamite. We integrated it into our hydraulics training program and are sending it out to all our dealers for training..." 

 Tom Kane, Kubota Tractor Corporation

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