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More than 70% of spare parts sold for hydraulic equipment are used to replace defective components. And the cause of 90% of these defects can be traced to improper operation or maintenance.

When you consider how expensive hydraulic components are these days, the above statistics suggest that inadequate or non-existent maintenance practices are costing hydraulic equipment users billions of dollars every year.

If youíd like to avoid this situation and learn how to reduce the operating cost and increase the uptime of hydraulic equipment, keep your eyes glued to this page. You wonít find this insider information anywhere else on the Web, and hereís why:


The information below comes from the private notebook of Brendan Casey, who has more than 25 years experience in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of mobile and industrial hydraulic equipment. Brendan has spent a quarter of a century documenting the mistakes and bad practices that increase MRO costs, and the tricks and scams that (gulp!) some technicians and sales reps use to exploit owners of hydraulic equipment.


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Brendan Casey,
hydraulics author, educator and publisher.

Dear Hydraulics User,

Your hydraulic equipment operating costs are probably way higher than they should be -- without you even knowing it!†

Which is why Iíve created this Web page. Youíre about to discover insider secrets to saving money on the maintenance, repair and overhaul of hydraulic equipment.

No matter what type of hydraulic equipment you own, operate, repair or maintain, this information applies to you.

Youíre going to save time, money, and aggravation. And youíll learn how to avoid expensive mistakes in three categories:

  1. preventative maintenance;
  2. troubleshooting and problem solving, and
  3. repair and replacement of hydraulic components.

Just for starters, here are 24 tips and techniques that will save you thousands of dollars ...

Insider secrets to preventing costly, premature failure
of hydraulic components

According to industry sources, more than 70% of spare parts sold for hydraulic equipment are used to replace defective components. The cause of 90% of these defects can be traced to improper operation or maintenance. Which is why you'll save thousands of dollars, once you know...

How oil contamination destroys hydraulic components.

How to determine an appropriate oil cleanliness level for different types of hydraulic systems.

How to achieve and maintain an appropriate oil cleanliness level on a continuous basis.

How to identify and rectify abnormal contamination load.

One proactive maintenance routine that can save you thousands of dollars.

How to prevent damage caused by low oil viscosity.

How to define operating temperature limits based on oil viscosity values that maximize component life.

How to identify and rectify abnormal heat load.

How to identify faulty circuit-protection devices - before they cause component failures.

When to schedule hydraulic component change-outs - to minimize operating costs.

What you must do when installing hydraulic components - to avoid cutting short their service life.

Insider secrets to solving hydraulic problems

As an industry 'insider' for more than two decades, I can tell you that when it comes to troubleshooting hydraulic equipment there are people out there who will deliberately exploit you to increase their profits. You'll never be vulnerable to these costly scams, once you know...

What causes common hydraulic problems and how to locate them.

Special techniques for troubleshooting hydrostatic transmissions.

One thing you must do before you call a hydraulic technician.

How to tell when a hydraulic technician is over-charging you.

One thing you should never tell a hydraulic technician - unless you want to pay more.

How to avoid costly, troubleshooting mistakes and get the correct diagnosis - the first time.

How to recognize and avoid common troubleshooting rip-offs.

Insider secrets to repairing and replacing hydraulic components

As a 25 year veteran of the repair industry, who's seen it ALL, I can tell you that when it comes to rebuilding and replacing hydraulic components there are some within the hydraulics industry who will take advantage of you to increase their profits. You'll never fall victim to these expensive rip-offs, once you know...

A simple technique that can reduce component repair costs by as much as 50%.

The techniques you must use to get the best deal on a replacement component and know with absolute certainty you've obtained the lowest possible price.

How to carry out effective repairs on hydraulic cylinders.

The two things you must check when choosing a hydraulic repair shop.

The four, most common repair rip-offs and how to avoid them.

How to safeguard new component warranty and get free repairs after warranty has expired.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! There's so much more I couldn't possibly list it all here. And this is why I am offering you my 'insiders' collection of money-saving tips and secrets on a completely risk-free basis.

It's a professionally typeset and bound book called Insider Secrets to Hydraulics. You'll own a quarter of a century's worth of insider information, condensed into a logical, easy to understand format that you can absorb in just hours.

Hereís a sample of what's being said about it:

 "Insider Secrets to Hydraulics has the potential to save many organizations lots of money. It should be on the bookshelf of every engineer, supervisor, planner and technician that deals with hydraulic equipment... it's worth its weight in gold."  

 Alexander (Sandy) Dunn
 Plant Maintenance Resource Center

 "Thank you for writing Insider Secrets to Hydraulics. I have a long background in injection molding and much is maintenance. This book covers the important stuff and is easy to read. I would like to buy 20 more books for the Plant and Technical managers of Orbis Corporation." 

 Bernie Carlisle
 Orbis Corporation

 "Brendan Casey's, industry experience and expertise show in this book. Packed with practical suggestions and tips, and backed up by the author's knowledge of the subject matter, Insider Secrets to Hydraulics has the potential to save many organizations lots of money." 

 The Editors of
 Hydraulics & Pneumatics Magazine

 "Insider Secrets to Hydraulics is proving to be a very valuable, practical reference for us." 

 Mike McCarthy
 Service Manager - Backhoes Terex Compact Equipment (UK)

 "Insider Secrets to Hydraulics is a "must read" for any mobile or industrial user of hydraulic equipment... As a veteran of the Fluid Power industry, I found the book informative and easy to understand with knowledge to be gained for everyone, from novice to pro." 

 Bud Trinkel
 Certified Fluid Power Engineer
 HYDRA-PNEU Consulting Inc.

 "Insider Secrets to Hydraulics is well written and easy to read... it provides valuable information that may be applied equally well to a small, one-off hydraulic machine, a complex machine or a factory full of hydraulic equipment. Throughout the book, facts and ideas are backed up by examples of a practical nature. This could only be attributed to the author's in-depth experience in the hydraulics industry." 

 John Benecke
 Manager Mechanical Laboratories
 Faculty of Engineering and Surveying
 University of Southern Queensland

 "I still refer to Insider Secrets to Hydraulics on many occasions when instructing a troubleshooting class. It was good when I first purchased and it is still relevant 7 years later! " 

 Frederick P. RŲeder (BSME)
 Director of Training, Safety & Compliance
 Rish Equipment Co.

Insider Secrets to Hydraulics is the first book to comprehensively address both the technical and the commercial issues involved in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of hydraulic equipment. It not only covers preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and procurement, it also exposes a multitude of unethical industry practices that increase MRO costs.

With this information, believe me, you'll save thousands of dollars on the maintenance and repair of hydraulic equipment. But just as important, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you'll never again be taken for a ride. You will have a rare advantage, as you turn the tables on hydraulics technicians and sales reps.

My 25-year education is yours risk-free

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Free Bonus # 2
Basic Hydraulics eBook - $17 value

This 170 page, richly illustrated eBook explains the theory of fluid power hydraulics, the function of reservoirs, filters, seals, hoses and fittings, the construction and operating principles of pumps, motors, cylinders, valves and other components, how different types of circuits work and much more.

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As you can see, you really can't afford not to invest in this book.

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I look forward to getting an email from you, telling me how you saved serious dinero using the tips and techniques contained in Insider Secrets to Hydraulics.

Yours for better hydraulics knowledge,

Brendan Casey
Author and Publisher

P.S. Remember, I guarantee that if you use just one of my insider secrets, it will pay for the entire book; otherwise, you can return it next month, next year, or even ten years from now for a prompt 150% refund... PLUS... you still get to keep the bonus eBooks and software - a $74 value.

P.P.S. If you donít order Insider Secrets to Hydraulics right now, how will you learn all of the tips and techniques that will likely save you a small fortune?

P.P.P.S. A common question from our clients outside the United States is "do these 'Hydraulic Secrets' apply outside of the US (i.e. UK, Europe, Australia)?" This is a valid question. You'll find that all my insider secrets can be applied in any country. Hydraulic equipment succumbs to the same problems, and the hydraulics industry operates in a similar way, everywhere in the world. However, if you are not fully satisfied with the information and how it applies to your country, just return the book for a full refund. You have nothing to lose by ordering Insider Secrets to Hydraulics, no matter what country youíre in. And remember, if you take advantage of this special offer the total cost is only US$49.95 with FREE delivery to anywhere in the world.

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